The animals have always lent themselves to me: a character, a vehicle, a symbol. Like so many before me, I have harnessed them for use as I see fit. I am primarily interested in livestock and other domesticated animals, as they are the most accessible to us, yet exist in an abstract state to many people. The ubiquitous carton of milk has become it’s own entity, completely disassociated from the cow it came from.

Our treatment of livestock is too often mirrored in the treatment of our fellow human beings. These animals are viewed as unfeeling and inanimate, and human minority groups deemed inferior are reduced to something subhuman, something beastly. My experiences as a queer woman in today’s political climate have sensitized me to these nuanced archetypes.

I want to create awareness for these issues inherent in our culture, while extending a message of optimism through appreciation and empowerment. By creating narratives that depict strong female characters, either fictitious or historical, I aim to celebrate feminist issues and represent women and queer people.

The world my work lives in is an idealized one: built upon historical references and personal symbolism. I urge the viewer to investigate further and question what lies beneath this romantic veneer. Through facilitating the confrontation of a degree of disquiet, my hope is to inspire introspection and a reassessment of one’s reality.